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Cinthamani Computer deploys channel-in-a-box powered by Medialooks & Bluefish444

01 November, 2019

Cinthamani and Bluefish444Cinthamani Computer (Cinthamani) is based in Chennai, India, and is one of the leading system integration providers to the media, cable, film (post-production) and broadcast industries for the last 35 years. Cinthamani has a team of over 60 spread right across India, with 20 of those being core support specialists, who are very experienced in their respective fields and technologies.

Cinthamani and Bluefish444Cinthamani has an internal software engineering team responsible for developing their own branded software for broadcast workflows, including Trans Multi Ingest, Channel Magick, and Playcast Pro. At the heart of all Cinthamani’s custom-developed products, lies Medialooks’ range of SDKs.

Medialooks SDKs power some of the world’s leading software products in areas of content production, delivery and serving, playout systems, virtual studios, multi-camera production switchers, media servers and ultra-low latency video transport. Cinthamani have been taking advantage of the powerful feature-set of Medialooks SDKs for the last 9 years.

Cinthamani and Bluefish444“This is a great example of a long-term relationship that has been both productive and enjoyable. Cinthamani have been using our video software development kits since 2010,” Comments Andrey Okunev, CEO of Medialooks. “Since then, we have worked closely together to make sure that our products deliver on the promise of ease of use, stability, multi-format support and performance.”

Cinthamani were approached by ANBU TV to provide a solution for their scheduled playout workflow, to which they recommended the Channel Magick turnkey appliance; an all-in-one local TV channel-in-a-box solution. Cinthamani and ANBU TV had to weigh up their options in terms of which SDI video card they wanted to integrate with Channel Magick, and, after a detailed evaluation of the Medialooks-supported SDI vendors, they settled on Bluefish444’s Epoch | Neutron video I/O card.

Cinthamani and Bluefish444Cinthamani have been integrating Bluefish444 video cards into customer solutions for over a year. From their testing, Neutron delivered the highest quality video with the lowest latency playout, and the CPU usage per playout channel was the lowest of the SDI options available. In short, Neutron was found to be the best performing Medialooks-compatible video card for use with Channel Magick.

“We had a few false starts in delivering Channel Magick to ANBU TV, and it wasn’t until we deployed Bluefish444 that they were satisfied,” said Mr S. Ravi, Director of Cinthamani Computer. “That’s because not only did Bluefish444 provide the highest quality video, it was also the most reliable and best performing product with our Channel Magick system.”

Cinthamani Computer are looking forward to evaluating the next generation Bluefish444 KRONOS range of video cards, which will also be supported by Medialooks SDKs.

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