Epoch | 4K Supernova S+


FROM USD$3,995


Epoch | 4K Supernova S+. 4K 30p. 12-bit Processing. 2/3 Length Form Factor. 12/10/8-bit SDI I/O.

Achieve multiple workflows with the flexibility of Epoch | 4K Supernova S+.

4K Supernova S+ dares to go where no other card has gone before!

Epoch | 4K Supernova S+. Epoch | 4K Supernova S+ Dare to go where no other card has gone before!.

4K Supernova S+ was the world's first 4K/UHD-capable SDI video card with bi-directional BNC’s providing both 4K/UHD capture and playback. Each bi-directional video connector on the 4K Supernova S+ is capable of 3G/1.5G/HD/SD video I/O bringing unrivaled flexibility and power to your video application.


4K Supernova S+ & 4K Supernova S+ EX

Epoch | 4K Supernova S+. Epoch | 4K Supernova S+ & Epoch | 4K Supernova S+ EX.

4K Supernova S+ provides a powerful SDI video and audio I/O solution with four bi-directional 3G/1.5G/HD/SD video connectors, a fifth BNC for SDI monitoring and a dedicated sixth Reference INPUT BNC.

4K Supernova S+ EX adds 7.1 surround sound AES/EBU digital audio I/O, Analogue audio monitoring, LTC time-code I/O and RS-422 machine control.


FREE multi-channel capture tool, IngeSTore

Epoch | Neutron. FREE IngeSTore Multi-channel ingest.

Bluefish444 have developed IngeSTore as a multi-channel ingest tool, which is available FREE with all 4K Supernova S+ I/O cards. IngeSTore allows capture of up to 4 channels of video with independent format SDI sources simultaneously. Capture to QuickTime, AVI and DVCPRO50/HD codecs for free, with additional codecs available via licensing.


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