ACME Portable

ACME Portable

ACME Portable

ACME Portable computers combine the power, configurability, and connectivity of a desktop, with the convenience and portability of a laptop. They are powerful systems that combine the best of both worlds - a solution that you can truly deploy at any location.

ACME have been working with Bluefish444 for years and Bluefish444 video I/O cards are certified to be used in their line of robust portable computers. The ACME system, when combined with Bluefish444 I/O hardware, provides a mobile solution that can go anywhere and put up with the harsh conditions sometimes found on the road.

The ACME systems are also able to be used in a more standard production environment, where it’s portability means it can be used on-set to keep an eye on the action, or to get immediate feedback on things such as motion tracking and facial recognition. Bluefish444 have teamed up with ACME and Crescent Inc for the Sync VV workstation, which can simultaneously record up to 4 channels of 3G/HD reference and facial videos, and allow playback all in the one unit.

Visit the certified solutions page for more information on Bluefish444-supported hardware from ACME Portable.

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