Synapse ANA140


ANA140 Synapse Converter


Synapse ANA140

The Bluefish444 ANA140 Synapse Converter delivers high-quality analogue video and audio signal processing in a small form-factor, with second-to-none build quality and reliability. ANA140 Converters are designed and manufactured to the same exacting standards as our world-renowned uncompressed SDI video cards, and include professional features such as lockable power supplies, audio muxing and a quality video downconverter.


Synapse ANA140. Quality Guaranteed.

Strictly adhering to SMPTE video standards, ANA140 allows the user to have confidence that analogue video signals will be converted to a compliant SMPTE SDI signal by the ANA140 at the highest quality possible, and with true reliability.

ANA140 is available for purchase on the Bluefish444 Shop, or via the Bluefish444 reseller and distributor network.


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