Synapse ANA140

Synapse ANA140 features

Synapse ANA140. Analogue to SDI converter.

Analogue to SDI converter

Synapse conversions from composite, component SD/HD, and S-video signals to SDI include video scaling and PsF mode, configured via DIP switches on the side of the converter. A second SDI output provides for additional monitoring of signals being converted for recording. AES, or analogue stereo audio signals, can be muxed into the SDI output, and an on-screen display utility provides status information about the configuration settings of the Converter.

Video INPUT CVBS/YPbPr/S-video
Video/audio OUTPUT 3G/HD/SD-SDI
Audio OUTPUT SDI Embedded
2nd copy OUTPUT SDI 2
2nd fail-safe INPUT N/A
Downconverter YES
On-screen status YES
Deinterface N/A
PsF mode YES

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Feature-packed & easy to use

Synapse ANA140. Feature Packed & Easy to Use.

ANA140 is controlled by easily accessible DIP switches on the side of each converter for ease of configuration of SDI output signals. Convert in real-time from analogue video, complete with external audio embedding into the SDI signals.


Maximum connectivity

Synapse ANA140. Maximum Connectivity.

ANA140 provides a wealth of connectivity, allowing analogue video and analogue or digital audio signals to be converted to 3G/HD/SD-SDI.

  • Composite video INPUT
  • Component video INPUT
  • S-video INPUT
  • AES digital stereo audio INPUT
  • Analogue stereo audio INPUT

Complete the hardware workflow chain

Synapse ANA140. Complete the Hardware Workflow Chain.

If you are one of Bluefish444’s 20,000+ installed customers, you no longer have to use a 3rd-party manufacturer’s converter in your Bluefish444 uncompressed SDI workflow. Bluefish444 now offers stand-alone Synapse Converters, designed and manufactured to the same exacting standards as our world-renowned uncompressed SDI video cards.


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