Epoch | Neutron


FROM USD$1,695


Epoch | Neutron. 2K 60p. 12-bit Processing. Low Profile Form Factor. 12/10/8-bit SDI I/O.

Deliver the highest quality 2K/HD video workflows with Epoch | Neutron.

Born from Epoch | 4K Supernova the smallest star is formed. Epoch | Neutron a tiny star radiating immense power.

Epoch | Neutron. Highest quality 2K/HD video workflows.

In an industry that always demands "bigger and better" Bluefish444 have yet again delivered! This time we have gone one step further, the Epoch | Neutron packs a massive amount of power into a form-factor that defies belief.


World’s most accessible video card

Epoch | Neutron. World’s most accessible video card.

With an all new form-factor, Neutron opens a whole new galaxy of options!

Bluefish444 have compressed functionality of much bigger cards into a low-profile, half-height PCIe video card allowing integration with rackmount, small form-factor, PCIe, or Thunderbolt enclosures.



Epoch | Neutron. Full Height and Low Profile Form Factors.

Neutron comes standard with a choice of full-height shields and connectivity for AES/EBU digital audio, analogue audio and RS-422 machine control, making for ease of integration with traditional workstations and expansion chassis.

Neutron LP has a low-profile shield for installation in low-profile workstations and expansion chassis creating a highly-compact professional video solution.


FREE multi-channel capture tool, IngeSTore

Epoch | Neutron. FREE IngeSTore Multi-channel ingest.

Bluefish444 have developed IngeSTore as a multi-channel ingest tool, which is available FREE with all Neutron I/O cards. IngeSTore allows capture of 4 channels of video with independent format SDI sources simultaneously. Capture to QuickTime, AVI and DVCPRO50/HD codecs for free, with additional codecs available via licensing.


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