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Brainstorm Software

Infinity Set, Aston 3D & eStudio

Bluefish444 Compatible with Windows and Thunderbolt

Infinity Set is designed to cope with any need from advanced tracked virtual sets to inexpensive trackless environments, and seamlessly integrates 3D graphics in the Virtual Set. With virtually infinite virtual cameras and the industry-first TrackFree technology, which allows combining tracked and trackless techniques in the same camera for further flexibility, Infinity Set is the most advanced solution for broadcast design and virtual set production. It combines the raw power of the eStudio engine and the simplicity of use of EasySet to create a new environment for next-generation cross-media broadcast requirements.

Aston 3D is a cutting-edge real-time 3D graphics creation, CG and playout solution. With its extensive feature-set, operational simplicity and 3D processing power, Aston 3D is purpose-built to enhance the creativity of the designers and maximise output. Aston 3D is the ideal application for a wide range of demanding requirements including news, sports, branding, weather, elections and other graphics intense real-time on-air programs. With version V1.3, Aston 3D becomes a family of products, from cutting-edge integrated 3D graphics, CG and playout solutions to inexpensive 2D template building packages.

Brainstorm eStudio is a powerful and flexible toolset that provides solutions for all real-time graphics requirements. The eStudio is unique in the market due to its hugely powerful capabilities, open architecture and versatility, enabling both design and real-time playout of virtual studios and 3D graphics as well as the easy creation of customised applications. Brainstorm eStudio provides stunning results for applications such as news & sports, channel branding, weather, entertainment, charts and graphics, interactive corporate presentations and film pre-visualisation, amongst other graphics-intensive requirements.

Bluefish444 have collaborated with Brainstorm to add support for live multi-channel fill and key input and output with Epoch | 4K Supernova S+, Epoch | Supernova CG and Epoch | Neutron supporting Infinity Set, Aston 3D and eStudio.

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