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Bluefish444 Compatible with Windows and Thunderbolt

Media-Alliance is a leader in software development worldwide, empowering broadcasters to produce and manage digital media with multi-platform and multi-format file-based workflows. The Media-Alliance product line exploits the full potential of MediaXplorer as the central system steering all television production and media management tasks for news, sports, program production and archiving departments.

ONDA is a scheduling and automation playout suite developed for broadcasters. Playout automation and the scheduler share the same database, thus assuring fast access to data and simultaneous edit of the playlist when scheduling changes. Bluefish444 hardware and software help ingest the footage into the system, while ONDA manages secondary events like GPI triggers and basic CG or advanced 2D/3D animated CG systems.

ONDA and Bluefish444 can integrate with other Media-Alliance workflow solutions such as VIVA Ingest, Borneo MAM and Witness Compliance recording.

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