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Bluefish444 Compatible with Windows and Thunderbolt

From a simple video server to a fully automated TV playout system, Masterplay OnAir is designed to cover virtually any requirement. 

Masterplay OnAir, when combined with Bluefish444 Epoch video I/O cards, becomes a highly versatile playout system. The system can be customised according to your requirements, due to the extensive configuration potential of the software, and a range of expansion opportunities.

Masterplay OnAir is user-friendly and can be operated intuitively without any special knowledge, and with Epoch video I/O cards, provides a high-quality solution for broadcast.

Studio Quality

The standard version of MasterPlay OnAir does support a several different Bluefish444 cards, which guarantees studio quality audio and video output up to 4K resolution depending of the Epoch card.

Single or Multi-channel

Masterplay OnAir can be configured with up to 8 channels per computer. Each channel can be operated synchronously or independently using separate playlists.


SegmentEditor lets you divide video files into segments. These segments can be taken to a fill playlist one by one, without having to re-encode the video. Segments obtained in this way can be played back immediately. Segments can overlap within a video file, which allows, for example, the repetition of a scene after the commercials.

Built in CG

There are simplified functions like digital clocks, logos, crawls and subtitles which all support alpha channel. Inserted text can be created by manual entry, file-based, by email, SMS or RSS feeds. Additionally the CG does support loading of layouts which are stored in xml files.

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