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NVerzion NFinity Broadcast Video Server

NFinity Broadcast Video Server

Bluefish444 Compatible with Windows and Thunderbolt

The NVerzion NFinity Broadcast Video Server with Bluefish444 Epoch video I/O cards is designed to address the complex requirements of today's baseband and file-based workflows. This cost-effective multi-channel HD/SD package includes built-in automation, graphics, record scheduler, manual record apps, and much more.

NFinity provides support for all major codecs and wrappers with internal transcoding. Features such as internal network source switch, DTMF/VANC network triggering for commercial insertion and EAS support makes this Video Server stand out from the rest.

NFinity allows up to four channels of Bluefish444 SDI acquisition or playout, up to 4K UHD, and is fully configurable to individual broadcaster requirements.

Major Software Features

  • Highly functional automation scheduler with multiple start modes, unique file identifiers, as run logs, optional traffic interface and much more
  • Inclusive graphics player for bugs, banners, crawls, slates, etc
  • Weekly calendar for auto recording. Program the time and day to start recording
  • Closed captioning, AFD and VANC data is preserved from acquisition to playout
  • Supports VANC, DTMF and GPI/O triggers
  • Up, down and cross convert files without transcoding, including popular legacy video server files

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