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Bluefish444 Compatible with Windows and Thunderbolt

Mastering Revolution

MIST revolutionises the mastering process, by offering a single, unique solution with unrivalled features for the creation of any type of masters or file packages from any type and resolution of source media.

From the RAW data to the final project, MIST provides dailies management, multiple formats transcoding, extensive editing and conforming tools, advanced colour grading and colour management features, image enhancement and conversion tools.

Whatever the type of master you need to deliver, MIST offers the most intuitive and evident workflow with tools to control and validate standards compliance.

Digital Cinema

  • Master a compliant and true DCP up to 4K
  • Edit, adjust, and modify your content
  • Security and control
  • Audio mastering

IMF Mastering

  • Solution for multiple deliveries
  • Create IMF packages in a clear, innovative way
  • Subtitle management
  • Output profile lists
  • Audio mastering



The broadcast package allows MIST users to play, master, transcode, convert and control all the file formats requested today by broadcasters and broadband content providers.

With full compliance and interoperability with industry standards and recommendations (EBU, SMPTE, AMWA, DPP), the broadcast package includes:

  • Regional master templates
  • Audio mastering

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