G-Technology offer high performance Portable, Desktop and Network storage solutions for the professional media and entertainment industry.

The combination of Bluefish444 enabled NLE’s and other content creation systems with G Technology high performance storage solutions enables the highest quality capture, monitor and mastering of 4K, 8K, and HDR video.

Combining the Bluefish444 IngeSTore Server 3G, or an Epoch- or KRONOS-powered IngeSTore system with G Rack storage provides an efficient capture workflow. Edit-While-Record functionality can also be employed with G Technology network storage, allowing real-time editing of growing files in Bluefish444 enabled NLEs such as Adobe Premiere Pro CC or Avid Media Composer while IngeSTore continues to record to shared storage.

Bluefish444 hardware and supported software is fully certified with G-Technology’s range of portable, desktop and network attached storage, including Thunderbolt 3 devices, allowing capture to, or playout from Bluefish444-powered systems.

Visit the certified solutions page for more information on Bluefish444-supported hardware from G-Technology.

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