HP - Hewlett Packard

HP - Hewlett Packard

HP - Hewlett Packard

Hewlett Packard (HP) have been a long-standing partner of Bluefish444, working to provide complete systems that push the boundaries of modern day computing and enhance the lives of industry professionals.

Bluefish444 certify many workstations, servers and laptops from HP to optimise the experience customers get when using Bluefish444 hardware with HP.

Thousands of shared customers integrate Bluefish444 I/O cards directly into HP workstation and servers in the studio, or use workstation performing notebooks on the go with Thunderbolt connectivity. Bluefish444 and HP have a range of solutions to give you the most power with the least headaches.

Visit the certified solutions page for more information on Bluefish444-supported hardware from HP.

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