Bluefish444 Compatible with Windows, macOS and Thunderbolt

Netstor was born for dedicating to cutting-edge storage and PCIe expansion solutions for varied business applications. Netstor provides excellent product performance, advanced stability, state-of-the-art I/O interfaces, and outstanding compatibilities.

Netstor Thunderbolt series includes a range of external PCIe expansion devices, and is storage-ready for video and audio professionals.

Bluefish444 has qualified the Epoch and KRONOS ranges of video cards with Netstor Thunderbolt chassis’, and when combined, provide the same powerful capabilities and lightning-fast speeds as any internally-installed hardware. All Bluefish444 video I/O cards are fully compatible with Thunderbolt, so integrate perfectly with Netstor expansion chassis’ to provide the highest quality capture, preview and master.

Visit the certified solutions page for more information on Bluefish444-supported hardware from Netstor.

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Akitio Learn more about Bluefish444-supported workflows with Netstor

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