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Engage CG

Bluefish444 Compatible with macOS and Thunderbolt

Engage CG is an innovative master control graphics platform on macOS, developed by BTi for broadcasters in the US, and when combined with the Bluefish444 Epoch | Neutron, becomes a powerful way for news brands to captivate and delight their viewers with beautiful real-time information tickers, no matter the platform it is viewed on.

The unique hybrid design allows the same master control graphics to power both traditional and streaming channels simultaneously. A simple press of a button allows for a main or sub-channel to stream directly to Facebook Live.

All BTi Attendant Solutions applications are fully integrated with Engage CG, which allows for a combination of school closings with sports scores, severe weather alerts, news, and election results. Engage CG with Bluefish444 can be used to automatically reposition routine tickers when an emergency weather crawl is urgently required, or integrate candidate tweets from Twitter while election results are displayed.

The system is a turnkey solution, meaning that anyone can pick it up and create the required dynamic information quickly and get it out to broadcast easily.


  • BTi Attendant Solutions displayed over the air or online, provides a simple data abstraction over the content, eliminating the need to hook up to databases, xml files, or rss feeds

  • Mix and match data from any application

  • Build playlists to sequence and order data feeds

  • Built-in effects for continuous crawls, push crawls, wipes, fades, reveals, and many more display effects

  • Attach different effects to headlines in the same field

  • Chain effects to display complex multi-step headlines

  • Layer-based paradigm for instant on and off of informational layers

  • Complex multi-layered commands appear as simple, well-known transmissions to master control operators

  • Automated template building using Adobe Photoshop CC files

  • Integrated scripting language for complex real-time display decisions

  • Real-time software preview of output and bypass

  • No hardware dependencies for creation of tickers from any macOS based computer

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