Resolume Software



Bluefish444 Compatible with Windows, MacOS and Thunderbolt

Resolume is a live video mixing software package, that is used worldwide to deliver high quality performances, from club VJ-ing to cutting-edge audio visual shows and stadium concerts. Resolume also allows for immersive graphics and projection mapping workflows, utilising SDI inputs from cameras and more.

Bluefish444’s Epoch | Neutron, 4K Neutron, Supernova CG and Supernova S+ video cards can be used for SDI capture within Resolume as a live input for the production.


  • Live video mixing
  • Intuitive interface
  • Projection mapping
  • Sync LED with visuals
  • Live composite and effects
  • Live camera input, including via Bluefish444 SDI
  • Audio Visual playback

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